About Us

Green Produce Farm is a vegetable farm company that produces sweet basils and thai basils. The company is located in Hawaii, USA and serve major states of America considering New York, Denver, Chicago, California, Los Angeles and many other cities. Sweet basil is one of the favourite herbs used in United States. It belongs to mint family and can be used in salads, sandwiches and in many other dishes. Green Produce Farm is known for its quality vegetables and is the major cultivator of sweet and thai basils. The farm supplies fresh basils on daily basis. They use well established large fields to cultivate the basils as it requires six to eight hours of sun light. Basils need rich soil and they need constant watering as they cannot be kept dry. Hence Green Produce Farm uses good quality fertilizers to maintain the quality of vegetables.

Green Produce Farm produces large leaved, fresh and green basils. They well maintain the plants by keeping weeds away from the basil plants. They use organic protection around the plant to keep steer weeds away. Normally, they harvest the plant regularly by pinching the tops off once the plant reaches 6-7 inches in height and that shows consistency in producing the vegetable. By pinching the plants they avoid gangly growth of the basil plants. Usually Basil will put out flowers if you are not cultivating it often, the farm will take care of such things very carefully and keep the plant healthy and productive. Pinching of flowers will help them to preserve the flavour and help more leaf growth.
Green Produce Farm supplies most vivacious green leaves that do not have any decay or dark spots. The basils produced by this farm are hygienic, safe and healthy. As they are located in Hawaii, the climate supports the growth of sweet and thai basils. They use closed containers and well maintained vehicles to supply the harvested basil leaves so that it could reach the customer in a fresh and undamaged state. They keep the fresh leaves in ice cube containers and cover with water

The demand of basil leaves produced by Green Produce Farm is very high in the US market. They sell around 20,000 pounds of basil leaves within a week. You can get basil leaves harvested by this farm in wholesale prices. However, it is a trusted brand and the basils produced are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. If you are staying in United States and you love to eat basil leaves in your meals or snacks, then you must try the sweet basils cultivated by Green Produce Farm. You can check in the market place to get fresh and healthy leaves or you can visit their website www.freshbasil.us to get more information on the quality of basils. On their website you have an option to place your message or questions. You can contact them directly by using the email id or the contact number present on the website. If you are staying near Hawaii, you can directly visit their farm to get freshly chopped basil leaves.раскрутка сайта в социальных сетях

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